Let's Look at Dance!

What are some of the different forms of dance? How and why are they different?

Created by,
Sydney Ortiz

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Britton, Ian, "The Durham Rams Sword and Morris Men," FreeFoto.com 10 March 2001, 25 September 2006 http://www.freefoto.com

Meet the Author:

Sydney Ortiz

San Francisco, CA 

Tenderloin Community School

San Francisco Unified School District

My Philosophy
Equal education for all, regardless of race or class.
My Community
Tenderloin Community School is an ethnically diverse inner-city environment in the heart of San Francisco. It is close to museums, the opera and ballet, and a stone's throw from "Little Vietnam." It is a wonderful area that I am quite passionate about.
My Environment
The student body is comprised of African-Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Latin Americans, and Indian students.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I am currently student teaching in a kindergarten class comprised of 20 children.

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