Creative Writing: Screenplay

Writing for stage and Screen for Dummies

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De Clerck, Nicole. "Charles Dickens." 16 Aug 2001. 3 November 2007

Meet the Author:


Hayward, CA 

Envision Academy


English/Language Arts
9, 10
My Philosophy
Love what you do, and love others while doing it.
My Community
Lower to lower middle class, urban Oakland.
My Environment
My school is a college-prep school for low-income students. The school gives students who live in urban Oakland a chance to go to a school that will keep them on track to attend a four-year college. The school is a public, but students have to test to get in. This way, they get a private school education without having to pay a dime out of their own pocket. Plus, the students all really want to be there. Always a plus.

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