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Why are student goals and evaluation beneficial?

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Trena Noval. Elementary students researching online. Spring 2006.


Below are resources that can help you learn more about creating rubrics for your students to help them achieve evaluate their work and achieve academic goals.

About Creating Rubrics
    •The George Lucas Educational Foundation, Instructional Assessment Module
Why is assessment important? What are the different types of assessment? This site will take you through the steps to create solid assessment for project-based learning.
    •Rubric Evaluation
This page was put together by Techtrekkers and is a list of various sites on creating student evaluations.
    •Questions to Ask
This site lists a group of questions to ask that can help to lead your rubric development.
    •Creating A Rubric for a Given Task
Great resource for the how to's of creating rubrics
Online Rubric Tools
    •LandMark Project Rubric Builder
Create and design your own online rubric to use for your classroom and share with other teachers.
RubiStar is a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics. You can also search rubrics made by other teachers under topic areas. It's a great easy to use resource.
Rubric Examples
    •Rubrics for Primary Grades
A great list of rubrics for primary grade and more (if you scroll up the page...)
    •Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators - Assessment Rubrics
Lots of good examples.
    •Research CheckBric
An interesting example for students to self assess their work or for teachers to use for project assessment.

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