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Why are the performing arts important?

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Photo from Wesleyan University Tap Dance II class

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Review the following web resources on dance and music to determine why the performing arts are important.

Arts on the Web
    •Zeroland - The arts on the web
A comprehensive arts directory, with a wealth of links for all performing arts.
    •"Free to Dance" Biographies
This website provides the names and biographies of African-American artists. "Free to Dance" is a documentary that "chronicles the crucial role that African-American dancers and choreographers have played in the development of modern dance as an American art form."
    •"Free to Dance" Dance Timeline
This timeline details the contributions of African-Americans in the creation of modern American dance.
    •Alvin Ailey
A short biography of the dancer and choreographer.
    •American Ballet Theatre's Online Ballet Dictionary
See pictures and QuickTime movies of real ballet dancers defining and demonstrating ballet terms.
    •And They Kept On Dancing
STUDENT FRIENDLY (4th grade and up) This is a ThinkQuest Junior site on dancing which includes information about tap, jazz, ballet, folk, and modern styles.
    •Authentic Dancing
STUDENT FRIENDLY (4th grade and up) This is a Thinkquest, Jr. site about authentic ethnic dance of Greece, the Philippines, Brazil, and Ireland.
    •Great Dancers of the Twentieth Century
This website lists great contributors to dance during the 20th century. It includes short biographies.
    •Latin Dance: Let's Dance Latin Style!
STUDENT FRIENDLY (5th grade and up) This is a Thinkquest, Jr. site that introduces visitors to Mambo, Samba, and Tango.
    •The History of Break Dancing
Like it or not, it's a form of dance. Check out this short history of Break Dancing.
    •American Composer's Forum Homepage
The American Composer's Network offers a variety of programs for K-12 schools, including composer residency programs.
    •Boosey and Hawkes
A useful website with links and information for both students and teachers.
    •Index of Native American Music Resources
Links to websites about Native American musicians.
    •Talking about Mexico - Music
Links to listen to samples of Mexican Folk Music styles. Real Player Plug-in is required.
    •The American Music Center
The American Music Center is a national service and information center for new American music. Contains links for music downloads and artist biographies.
    •The Music Friends Website
STUDENT FRIENDLY (3rd grade and up) A website created by the National Association for Music Education to distribute information and resources for school music programs. There are links for educators and children.

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