Dreams to Jobs - 4th Grade Open Court

If others can do it, you can, too!

Created by,
Marlene Wilson

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Coastal Dream - Jenith Mishne


In these websites, you will find information about the careers and jobs focused on in the stories in the unit. A few other websites will answer questions about other things in the stories.

Birth of a Baby Food
    •Wholesome Baby Foods from Scratch
Making baby food is much easier in the 21st century than it was when Mrs. Gerber was doing it!
Food From the 'Hood
    •Food From the 'Hood's official website
Read about their history from a slightly different persepective, and find out the latest information on their products and scholarship funds.
    •Directory of Bay Area Farmer's Markets
Check out the Farmer's Markets in the entire San Francisco Bay Area
Ice Cream Cones: A New Scoop
    •Recipe for Zalabia (Egyptian Version)
Apparently, zalabia are popular all over the Mideast.
    •Zalabia (Fritters in Syrup)
Recipe that seems to yield flat fritters.
    •Invention of the Ice Cream Cone by Italo Marchiony
Did Mr. Menches really invent the ice cream cone? Can you believe everything you read? Check this out.
    •Invention of Ice Cream Cone (Library of Congress)
Maybe it was someone else! Also, lots more information relating to ice cream.
    •An Ice Cream History Mystery
Yet another version, with some interesting facts.
    •Morton Salt Company
Check out the "Fun Stuff" link.

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