Harvest Celebrations around the World

What festivals are available?

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This web resource list directs students to specific sites for information on harvest and autumn celebrations around the world.

Take notes and prepare a short research paper on universal world customs (such as Autumn festivals) and and culture/country specific celebrations (such as Thanksgiving or Succoth).

Ancient Festivals
    •Harvest Seasons of Ancient Israel
This site, copyright 1999 by Worldwide Church of God, provides a four-page essay with the following subtitles: The spring harvest, The summer harvest, Relative importance; it also provides a harvesting chart showing crop and month.
Autumn Equinox
    •Autumn Equinox
This site has two short essays on Autumn plantings and the Autumn Equinox (a discussion of agrarian celebrations).
    •The Equinox
This site provides a clear diagram the the Spring and Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and brief descriptive paragraph.
Festivals around the World
    •A Multicultural Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving traditions and harvest celebrations from: Chinese, Vietnamese, American, Jewish, African, Indian, Korean.
    •Festivals in Autumn
Concise paragraphs on various festivals: Thanksgiving (U.S.), Halloween, Chinese Festival of the Autumn Moon, Rosh Hashana, Diwali (Divali, Deepawali).
    •Harvest Festivals from Around the World
An a to Z list of countries telling of their harvest festivals (from African Harvest Festivals to Zambian Harvest Festivals).
    •Harvest Festivals, Chinese, Asian Indian,
This site provides a look at harvest celebrations all over the world (Algonkian, Chinese, Asian Indians, Malaysian, Korean, African, Jewish and Candian).
    •History of Thanksgiving
A one and a half page essay on "The History of Thanksgiving"(primarily United States)is followed by a second one-page essay on "Thanksgiving Around the World"--Canada, Great Britain, Sukkot (Jewish), Zhong Qui (Chinese), etc.
    •Kaleidoscope: Thanksgiving around the world
This site features shorts paragraphs on the First Americans (including South American Indians), Greeks, Hebrews, Egyptians, Romans.
    •Multicultural Education
This site, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, features essays on "Autumn as a season of harvest festivals" and "African Harvest Festivals."
    •Thanksgiving History and Links
A short essay which includes reference to Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Chinese and Egyptians is followed by a paragraph about Thanksgiving in the United States
Festivals in Estonia
    •Estonia: Land, People and culture
This site links to "Holidays and festivals", including those Autumn events that are connected to their agriculture in one way or another.
Festivals in Hong Kong
    •Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong
This site has a few short paragraphs followed by festivals that take place during various lunar months, including the Mid-Autumn Festival, Moneky God Festival and Birthday of Confucius and during the Eighth Moon.
Festivals in India
    •"Diwali" in India, October
This site includes details on the mythology of "Diwali" as well as a description of the celebrations.
    •When harvest is plenty
This site, The Hindu (Online edition of India's National Newspaper, January 2002) features an article on havest fesitvals in India and elswhere.
Festivals in Japan
    •Autumn (September, October, November) in Hokkaido
Short paragraphs describe Hokkaido during the autumn months.
    •Autumn Festivals
This site provides a chart of autumn festivals in Hokkaido.
    •Fukushima Autumn
This site has pictures and text about the autumnal activities in Fukushima.
Festivals in Thailand
    •Loy Krathong Festival
This site provides pictures and description of this November festival as seen through the eyes of 6th graders at Sriwittayapaknam School in the Samut Prakarn Provice of Thailand.
    •The full moon night of November is "Loy Krathong Day"
This site has short essays and pictures from the Office of the National Culture Commission Thailand)
Festivals in Vietnam
    •Tet Trung Thu
The site describe the popular mid-autumn festival that is an especially popular family holiday.
Thanksgiving in the United States
    •Thanksgiving in America
Thanksgiving on the Net: A Celebration of America's First Thanksgiving.
    •Thanksgiving Information
This site (19 pages)includes a Plymonth Thanksgiving Story and a Thanksgiving prayer from the Iroquois (Seneca) Indians.(Source: Center for World Indigenous Studies)
Various Sites of Interest
    •Festivals around the World, an Internet Treasure Hunt on festivals
This site asks 14 questions on world festivals and challenges students to surf the web and find the answers. The site provides a number of links on which to surf.

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