Ancient Mesopotamia and Iraq Research Report

What aspects of ancient Mesopotamia have influenced modern day Iraq?

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Rhonda James

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Wagner, David. iraq.jpg. Pics4Learning. 8 May 2003.

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Book Resources
    •Library Middle East
List of books on ancient Mesopotamia and Iraq.
    •Iraq Websites
A list of websites about modern day Iraq.
    • Iraq Resource Information Site
At this site, look at the list of links in the left side menu to find out lots of different information about modern day Iraq.
    •Iraq Culture
Links to modern culture and lifestyles in Iraq.
    •Iraq Culture and Society
Links to modern day Iraq society.
    •Iraq - A Country Study
Links to lots of resources to study Iraq.
    •Arab Net - Iraq
Lots of good information on modern day Iraq.
    •Hot Spot: Iraq
Site created by National Geographic with maps and other good information.
    •Kids On-Line: Iraq
Lots of good links to information on modern Iraq.
    •Ancient Mesopotamia
Web site on Ancient Mesopotamia created by teachers for Middle School at University of Penn.
Form the British Musuem in London, England.
    •Internet Ancient Sourcebook for Mesopotamia
Created for Middle School students by the College of Education at Fordham University.
    •Medicine in Mesopotamia
Site about how medicine was developed and used in Ancient Mesopotamia.
Research Tools
    •Questioning Tool Kit
Links to different ways to form questions. Questions to guide your research.
    •Evaluating Sources
Hints on how to evaluate your different informational sources.
    •Citation Machine
Use this tool to learn how to cite your information for your bibliography.
    •Pics 4 Learning
A place to find images to use in your report that are copyright-free for use in your classroom.
    •My eCoach® eLibrary
Copyright-free resources contributed by teachers and students

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