California Animals

What do you know about Califonia's animals?

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Jennifer Kane

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Leilani Pedroni. California Sea Lions. 2003


Find an animal you wish to study. Use the websites listed to gather information about the animal. Write a report using the information you found and share with the class.

    •Blue Heron
    •Duck (Mallard)
    •Golden Eagle
    •Red-tailed Hawk
    •Spotted Owl
Fish and Marine Animals
    •Blue Whale
    •California Sea Lion
    •Harbor Seal
    •Humpback Whale
    •Northern Elephant Seal
    •Sea Otter
Forest Animals
    •Big Horn Sheep
    •Black Bear
    •Brown Bear (Grizzly Bear)
    •North American River Otter
    •Striped Skunk
General Links to Animals
    •Friends of the National Zoo
Go to this site and choose the name of the animal you are researching to get information.

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