Using Data to Drive School Improvement

How does data help us close student achievement gaps?

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Teachers analyzing data to determine curriculum focus


Gathering data in a school means looking at students, teachers, and the school community in a variety of ways. This resource list will provide you some starting points in your analysis of:
1. Student learning data
2. Demographic data
3. Perceptions data
4. Program data

(Bernhardt, V. Intersections. JSD Winter 2000. National Staff Development Council. p.33-36)

Background Information
    •Using Data: Principals describe how they used data to drive school improvement
While data has long been a cornerstone of business, it is only in recent years that school leaders have adopted the practice of using numbers to drive school change and turn out an improved end-product -- students prepared to lead our world in the 21st century. The site gives examples and scenarios on how principals are using data.
    •Research-Based Guide to Comprehensive School Reform
U.S. Department of Education's Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program (CSRD) is designed, in part, to build on and strengthen schoolwide programs under the Improving America's Schools Act (IASA). This Guidebook provides a framework on how to use data to improve your school program.
    •Accountability: Meeting the Challenge with Technology
A panel of experts provide their points of view on the testing and assessment issues for
    •Data-Driven Decision Making
Four districts share how data helped drive curriculum and program decisions.
    •Improving School Board Decision-Making: the Data Connection
These materials are for school board members who want to know more about how to use data to make good decisions for children in public schools. Trainers who work with school board members also can use these materials at state and national conferences or in local training sessions.
Demographic Data
    •Resources: Using Data
Links to each state's student data. This site can also be used for student test scores.
    •National Center for Education Statistics
NCES is the primary Federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other countries.
    •U.S. Census Bureau
This comprehensive site provides American and international demographic and economic data.
Student Learning Data
    •Looking at Student Work
Background information on how to look and analyze student work using different methods and protocol.
    •Middle School Teachers examine Student Work
The history team at Hoover Middle School in Long Beach, California meets weekly to scrutinize student work and their own lessons -- a process that team leader Mary Massich describes as "the most powerful experience in my professional life."
Tools for Data Analysis
    •Northwest Evaluation Association
Organization that offers assessment tools for districts and state organizations.
    •Tools and Activities for Data Analysis
Extensive list of pdf and word documents that you can use for collecting and analyzing data.
    •The Toolbelt from NCREL
The tools in the Toolbelt provide assistance data-driven school improvement planning, tracking student achievement through a student-centered process, and reforming curriculum with an eye toward rigorous standards and accountability?nationally and internationally.
    •3D2Know = Data-Decision Making
Examples, publications, resources, best practices, and checklists on data-driven decision making.

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