Historical Forts

How did U.S. forts help in expanding our country toward the west?

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During the time when the U.S. government was expanding their territory westward, explorers and pioneers faced many challenges along the way. For this reason it was necessary to build forts in strategic places throughout the country. Explore some of these forts at the web sites listed below.

    •Fort Brown
Informacion del Forte Brown in espanol.
Main Websites to Use With Worksheet
    •Historic Fort's of the Old West
When you get to this page, scroll down to the sections categorized by state name. Under the state's name there are fort names with descriptions.
    •Fort Tours, Inc
Listing of many forts in the United States. This website includes pictures of many of the forts too.
    •Historical Forts Activity
Back to the directions.
Other Resources
    •West Coast Forts
Click on Presidio of San Francisco. Find the location of this fort. Find information about how it was formed and used during the 1800's.
    •The American West
A presentation of the history and development of the American West!
    •California Forts
This site provides information of many of the California forts.
    •The Presidents of the United States
To help answer question #4 on the handout, go to this page to find out when each President served as the President of the United States.
    •Yahooligans: Around the World - U.S. States
Click on this website. Choose the state where your fort is located. You might find more information about your fort here. Check the websites with words: history, attractions, road trip, maps, or museums.

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