Survival in the Wilderness

Created by,
Rachel Haught
Beverley Swann-Hudkins

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"Hatchet". Microsoft Clipart. 2005


Fourth Graders really love when this unit is covered.

Come and join Brian as he fights for his life against himself and nature.

    •Hatchet Scavenger hunt
Students get to learn more about Brian, Gary Paulsen and the novel "Hatchet" by looking on the internet to find answers.
Offers online and printable questions as well as activities and writing cues.
    •Hatchet Book Report Rubric
Rubric of a proper book report.
Offers various activities such as:
Activity 1:Complete the Personal Survey
Activity 2:Create a bioboard
Activity 3: Heart Connection
Activity 4:Bears, Bears, Bears
Activity 5:What is a tornado?
Activity 6:What is a Newbery Honor book?

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