The Wonders of Mesopotamia

What role did Ancient Mesopotamia play in shaping the modern world?

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Beth Kagel

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D'Ambrosio,Jay."Sumerian Sculpture." Cyber Museum 1998. 28 October 2004


This is a list of some sites about Ancient Mesopotamia that you can use to enhance your curriculm.

Ancient Architecture
    •Architectural Marvels of Ancient Mesopotamia
This is a text based resource for 9th-12th graders. The site also includes illustrations of buildings created during Mesopotamian times.
Developed by a Teacher from My eCoach®
    •Ancient Mesopotamia and Iraq Research Report
A web based project for 6th graders created by Ms. Rhonda James, a member of My eCoach®!
Game for 10th-12th Graders
    •The Royal Game of Ur
This resource features a combination of two ancient board games found in the ancient tombs of Mesopotamia. This resouce may be used with higher-end learners grades 8-12.
Good for 6th Graders
    •Ancient Mesopotamia by History Link 101
This resource contains information about everyday life in Mesoptotamia. This resource is appropriate for 6-8th graders or lower-end learners.
    •Welcome to Ancient Mesopotamia
This resource has virtual gallery tours from Iran and Iraq and includes educational games about Mesoptotamia. This resouce is appropriate for 6-8 graders or mid- to lower-end learners.
Visually Based, Less Text
This resource about Mesopotamia is a visually oriented website that features some items from the royal tombs of Ur.

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