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Marquesha Bland & the Business Accounting Students at Carter G. Woodson. Original Photograph for Clipart Creation. October 2003.

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Below you'll find a list of web resources on the subject of clipart. You'll work on designing clipart from scratch or personalizing existing clipart.

    •Background Data on Clipart
    •Designing Clipart from Scratch
This link discussing using Adobe Photoshop in the basic design of a bunny rabbit.
    •Editing Clipart
PowerPoint in the Classroom
    •PowerPoint Tutorial
Getting started using PowerPoint.
    •PowerPoint 2000
Stock Clipart
    •Clipart Images for Students
A website maintained by a high school student and his family with many different clipart images that you can use for your projects.

|  Clipart  |  Editing  |  PowerPoint in the Classroom  |  Stock Clipart  |

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