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How can teachers show evidence of their growth as professionals?

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Teachers Sharing. Barbara Bray, 2003


Many teacher programs require teachers to submit a portfolio that demonstrates their work. More and more programs are finding that electronic portfolios serve as an excellent way to access, evaluate, and share professional artifacts that teachers create.

Examples of Teacher ePortfolios
    •The Practicing Professional - Gayle Britt
A nationally board certified teacher, Gayle Britt created this portfolio as part of Pepperdine's School of Education program. It includes student artifacts, lesson and unit projects, and reflections on her teaching practice.
    •Miwok Legend Storytelling iMovies - Elaine Wren
A unit developed by a teacher showcased on the Apple Learning Interchange site.
    •Teaching Portfolio - Irene Hooyer
As part of the VISTAS project through Fresno Pacific University in Educational Technology this portfolio (e-folio) uses the six California Standards for the Teaching Profession as a framework for expressing technology's best role in great teaching.
    •Phyllis Bartosiewicz - COATT Portfolio
This is a great example of a portfolio with reflections of Phyllis' life as a technology educator and a thorough collection of exhibits and artifacts.
    •Scott Merrick's Online Teaching Portfolio
Scott's portfolio includes his teaching philosphy, curriculum vitae, professional development evidence, and even a teacher toolbox page to share resources with other teachers.

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