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Discovering what it was like to live in a different decade.

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Phyllis Bartosiewicz

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Have you ever heard an older person comment how different things are now from when they were your age? What is it that defines our times? If you were to meet someone from the distant future, what would you share to help that person understand who we are, how we live, what makes us what we are? If you had the chance to go back in time, what clues or evidence would you look for to discover what it was like to live at that time?

Arts and Entertainment
    •Film History by Decade
The history of motion pictures by decade.
    •Oldies Music Calendar
General Links
    •Yahoo 20th Century History Directory
    •20th Century Decades: General Links
From the Chico High School Library.
    •Hyper History Online
Lifestyles and Leisure
    •The History Channel: Timeline of Toys and Games
Introduction dates for favorite toys from 4000 B.C. to the present.
    •Solemates: The Century in Shoes
A look at the changing styles of shoes over the 20th century and how these changes reflect historical perspective and ideals of our culture.
People and Events
    •Kingwood College Library: American Cultural History
Provides a series of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century.
    •Fact Monster - World & News: Year-By-Year
Important events, year-by-year, from the 20th century. Includes various timelines, also.
    •20th Century America: A Pictorial
Photographs of important people and events of the 20th century.
    •U.S. Presidents of the 20th Century - Vincent Voice Library
Audio recordings of 20th century presidents.
    •American Presidents Life Portraits
This site contains biographical facts, key events of each presidency, presidential places, and reference materials.
    •Ad* Access Timeline
Major events and interesting facts in international affairs; United States government and politics; companies, inventions, discoveries and technology; humanities and the arts; entertainment and sports; and a miscellaneous section.
    •Nobel Prize Winners
Science and Technology
    •National Inventors Hall of Fame
    •About: 20th Century Inventions
    •PBS The American Experience Technology Timeline

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