Our Great Golden Gate

How does the Golden Gate Bridge symbolize San Francisco's many changes?

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Liana Koehler

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Rich Niewiroski Jr.. "The Golden Gate Bridge." Wikimedia Commons 1 January 2007.


Psst... what's that you see outside of your classroom window? That big, beautiful, orange-red structure, spanning across the bay?

That's right, it's the Golden Gate Bridge! We are going to be learning a lot of really cool stuff about our city's most famous landmark, and all of the amazing, interesting, and downright different changes that have happened in your hometown. Click on the links below to help you get started.

A Golden Introduction
    •Photo Library: Current Photos
At this site, we will take a photo walk of the bridge and learn some really cool new stuff about all the parts that make our bridge so great. Follow me!
    •Video of Opening Day of the Golden Gate Bridge
What did cars look like in 1937? What did people wear? Was the weather the same? ...So many questions! Well...you are SO lucky-- we've managed to dig up an amazing video that was shot on the day the bridge opened over 70 years ago. Follow me and we will get an unforgettable look at the brand-new bridge.
Before the Bridge
    •San Francisco Historical Timeline
Here you can find a timeline of some of the most important things that have happened over the past couple hundred years... right where you're sitting now!
    •Who Are The Ohlone?
Who lived in San Francisco before the bridge... before the Gold Rush, even?? Click here to learn about the Ohlone Indians, San Francisco's first inhabitants.
    •Super Bridge: Build a Bridge
Up to the challenge?? Check out this site to start thinking about how your team can build your model of the Golden Gate Bridge!
Golden Gate Bridge Photos
    •On-Site Construction Photos
Here are some awesome black-and-white photos that were taken during construction of the bridge. What a blast from the past!
    •Golden Gate Bridge Walk
Click on "Start the Bridge Walk" and feel like you're really walking on the bridge . . . except for the wind and honking cars, of course!
Our Beautiful Bridge!
    •The Mighty Task Is Done
Here you will find a really great poem that Joseph Strauss, the Chief Engineer, wrote about the Golden Gate Bridge. We will use this poem to help us think about what people felt the day that the great bridge opened. Let's read it together!

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