The patterns in illusions

What do man-made illusions show you about patterns in nature or in space?

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Man made illusions seem to move the same way that certain visions in nature and in space do when we focus on them. Does looking at man-made illusions help you to see the patterns in nature pictures or in space pictures?

There are two varieties of man-made pictures that show us optical illusions. Fractals come straight from math, every amazing picture comes automatically from a little math sentence. Strictly man-made illusions come with less flowery artwork, but they make our eyes play tricks on ourselves all the same.

Directions: Under each link.

    •Fractals Examples
Fractals come from math. When you look at a fractal are you reminded of anything in particular? What do they make you think about?
    •Fractals Unleashed
This site is where you go for your Online field trip for fractals. Take a look. It is well worth it. (Psst, you can look at the quiz before we do it for real later)
Man Made Illusions
    •The Exploratory - Illusions
Click on each illusion button on the page. What is your favorite illusion? Why do you think they make you believe the illusion?
    •The Exploratorium's Online Exhibits
Here you may play with illusions by dragging levers and changing the picture yourself. What kinds of things are you seeing? Did you see something unexpected?
    •Akiyoshi's illusion pages
This site holds a large collection of illusions. What is the biggest word you do not understand on the site? What was the best illusion you could find? Why did it get your attention?
    •NIEHS Kids Page
This is a fun exhibition of different optical illusions. Be sure to wait after the page is loaded. There is an unbelievable illusion that you don't want to miss right there at the top of the page. Why do I use the word 'unbelievable?'
Something that looks like it is in three dimensions is called 3-D. This is a 3-D Website that offers fun glimpses of how optical illusions come into play in three dimensions. Use your mouse to fly over different 'terrains.' What does it feel like when you make a hard turn using the mouse as your pointer? Do you crane your neck when you move to the left or the right? Did you believe the space you 'flew' through?
Natural Illusion
    •Undersea mystery
What do you think this is? Why does it look this way?
    •Another Undersea Oddity
What is this picture? Why is it so hard to tell what is on this critter's mind?
    •National Geographic Kids: Octopuses
This has lots of information about the octopus. See what you can learn.
Optical Information
    •Neuroscience for kids - Vision Exp.
Now this might be a hard page to read. If you challenge yourself, you can find more fun illusions and feel proud that you did it too. Why do you think they say it is for kids?

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