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The importance of servants in the plays by moliere

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the entrance doors to "La Comedie Francaise." September 28 2007


Students will study the plays by the great french playwright Moliere. These websites will help students find useful information about Moliere with a special emphasis on the importance of servants within his plays. We will study several works by the author and attempt to compare how servants are used differently in each work in order to produce Moliere's unique blend of comedy.

    •La Comedie Francaise
A link to the most famous french theatre which is always staging Moliere's plays. Find all the information you want on upcoming performances, how to buy tickets during your next visit to paris. Enter the unique world of one of our greatest playwrights.
    •Moliere and Servants (in french)
A unique website entirely dedicated to our specific topic. It describes in detail the part played by servants in the different Moliere plays and also outlines their unique individual characteristics.
About the playwright
You will find here a complete description of the author, his works and the historical background of his plays. For those of you who are interested you will also find a summary of his works.

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