Murals in the Mission

How do murals communicate to people in a community? What are their significance in the history of communication?

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Shannon G.

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"Chinese Zodizc." Precita Eyes Muralists Urban Youth Arts Class. 2004.


Students will explore murals in the Mission. Through research and reading, students will learn about the history of murals and communication. Students will pick a specific mural from the Mission district in San Francisco. With this mural, students will research the history and story of the mural, the significance of the mural, as well as reflect on their own personal experience learning about and viewing the mural.

    •American Family, Murals and PBS
PBS information regarding murals with links to different pertinent websites that detail information and images of murals in the Mission district of San Francisco
    •Precita Eyes Mural Arts
Precita Eyes is a non profit organization in the heart of the Mission. This artist collective works to create murals as well as educate the general public about the significance of these art installations. Precita Eyes conducts classes for aspiring muralists, many of which have participated in the completion of murals in the city. Take a tour of their website to see pictures and information about the murals in the Mission.
    •San Francisco Tours and Attractions - San Francisco Murals
This site offers links to all of the historical and famous murals in San Francisco. The links offer information about the mural site as well as significan information about the art.

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