Clay ARTifacts

What has been done with clay, past and present?

Created by,
Trudy Brock

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Brock, Trudy. "Ceramic Spheres." 2007


Clay and Pottery: Find out what you can discover about clay. Where does it come from? What are some examples of things that have been made out of clay? What is an artifact?

Elements of Art: Which elements of art do you think are used when creating something out of clay?

Oatmeal Clay: Would you like to play with some clay at home? Try this recipe and let me know how it tastes, I mean works.

Ceramics Artists: You've probably heard of Pablo Picasso, the painter. He also did some sculpting with clay. At the bottom of the page, type in "Picasso" and check "this category." See what Picasso has done? Find an artist whose work you like.

    •Clay and Pottery
    •Elements of Art
    •Ceramics Artists
    •Oatmeal Clay

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