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ePortfolios: Growing Artists

By Stephanie Lewis
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"How am I growing as an artist?"

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Meet the Author

Stephanie Lewis

Cupertino, CA 

Hyde Middle School

Cupertino Union School District

Fine Arts
6, 7, 8
My Philosophy
I think that each individual brings some different learning styles & experiences to the classroom, so it is really important for teachers to get to know the students & how they learn, then adapt their teaching to meet the needs of each student. As an art teacher, I try to scaffold learning as much as possible, emphasizing one-on-one time with students. This includes sharing techniques, helping them to improve skill levels, and conferencing with them about their goals and progress. I feel that this is essential because the range of student ability and comfort level is huge in an art classroom. I hope each student can leave my class with a unique vision of how he or she can use visual art to express him or herself in the world.
My Community
Cupertino is a high-tech community that has Apple Computer as well as several other large technology companies. Many of our students are knowledgeable in technology. The highly-diverse population is about 50,000. You can learn more about Cupertino at www.cupertino.org.
My Environment
My school also has a large English Language Development community, with about 40% of my students learning English within their first 2 years. We have about 1200 students. One of our strongest points is that we have awesome elective options for our students. Each student can choose between 15+ electives and can take up to 12 during their three years at Hyde. You can learn more about our school and district at http://cupertino.ca.campusgrid.net.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach Visual Art I and II, and Crafts I and II. I usually have 5 classes per semester with 34-38 students in each class. Students come with a variety of abilities from no artistic experience to practicing artist. You can learn more about my classroom at www.hydeart.com.