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Student Guide

Published Work
You will need:
1.Mrs. Lowe's Class - Web Site
2.Missouri Then & Now Activity Book - Web Site
3.University of Missouri eMINTS Article - Web Site
4.Classroom Web Sites Article - Web Site
5.Technology Tailor-Made For Teaching - Web Site
6."Possibilities" Digital Story - Video Presentation

Communication Arts Annotated Frameworks Activities
You will need:
1.MO 3rd Grade CA Benchmark Activities - Web Site

Open-Ended Learning
You will need:
1.Open-Ended Learning - Web Site
2.Open-Ended Learning: Ex. of Student OCRs - Web Site

The Fibonacci Number Theory
You will need:
1.The Fibonacci Number Theory - Web Site

The Fibonacci Number Sequence
You will need:
1.The Fibonacci Sequence - Web Site

A Thousand Words
You will need:
1.A Thousand Words - Web Site

You're Going to Flip for Newbery Winners!
You will need:
1.You're Going to Flip for Newbery Winners - Web Site

You will need:
1.Classroom Websites - Web Site
2.MAP It Out! - Web Site
3.Performance Events - Web Site
4.HPR*Tec - Web Site
5.Graphic Organizers - Web Site
6.Better Answers Book Study - Web Site
7.The Art of Communication in Comm. Arts - Web Site
8.Teacher Designed Web Pages - Web Site
9.Learning About Webquests - Web Site

You will need:
1.Martin Luther King, Jr. - Web Site
2.Chinese New Year Celebrations - Web Site
3.The Origin of Valentine's Day - Web Site
4.Mardi Gras for Kids - Web Site