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The Constitutional Convention: A Simulation of Compromise

By Tommy Howard, Kirk Chastain
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"How was compomise the most important element of the Constitutional Convention?"

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Student Guide

How has our Constitution weathered the test of time?

Through your research you will understand the complexity of the US Constitution and how the framers of the Constitution left it open to essential change and compromise to grow as the nation grew.

Introduction: Plans for the Constitution
You will create a custom project analyzing all sides and issues at the Constitutional Convention. Powerpoints and Graphic organizers will be used to explain the Articles of Confederation, the plans presented at the convention, the compromises required, and comparison of the Articles to the Constitution.
You will need:
1.Constitutional convention - Web Site

Task: The Constitutional Plans
The class will be divided into groups of 3 students. 2 groups will work independently on each of 4 topics.
The topics are the: Virginia Plan or Populists, New Jersey Plan or The Minority, Great Compromise or the Compromisers, and the Historians will create a comparison of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

Process: Presenting the Constitutional Plans and Comparisons
The Populists will make a Power Point explaining the concepts and participants in the Virginia Plan.
The Minority m will make a Power Point explaining the concepts and participants in the New Jersey plan.
The Compromisers will make a Power Point explaining the concepts and participants in the Great Compromise.
The Historians will create a graphic organizer comparing the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.

Refer to the resources below for information and instructions for your task assigned.

You will need:
1.Web Resource List - Web Site
2.Constitutional Convention - Web Site
3.Graphic Organizer Instructions - Web Site
4.Graphic Organizer Sample - Handout
5.PowerPoint Instructions - Handout

Evaluation: Convention Rubric
Follow the guidelines in the rubric to make sure you have covered all areas in your presentation.
You will need:
1.Graphic Organizer Rubric - Handout
2.Power Point Rubric - Handout

Conclusion: Presentation and Extension
Present your Power Point or Graphic Organizer to the class and explain the essential concepts and relate the importance of the men who forged this document into the Constitution we have today.
You will need:
1.Amendments - Web Site
2.Amendment Processes - Web Site
3.The Constitution Today - Handout