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History in your own Backyard

By Edward Flores
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"How did the environment impact early California Indians?"

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1: Research
There were Indian tribes across the entire California. There probably was a tribe where you live now. Go to the web resource list on Early California Indians to research the different tribes.
  • work with one other person in your group to gather information about ...

2: Legends
For this activity, you will be reading some legends about different California Indian Tribes. First, read the background on myths, legends, and stories.

Choose and read at least one of the creation stories. As you read the story, think about how the environment ...

3: Food
California Indian People had different foods that  was passed down from generation to generation. Think about the foods you eat in your own family. Some foods such as avocados, chiles, squash, corn, mole, and beans are foods Indians originally ate. You ...

4: Housing

5: Art and Symbols

Symbols played an important role in California Indian culture and religion. Symbols may be pictures or objects used to represent something else such as ideas or beliefs.One important symbol in some Indian cultures is the Totem pole. Totem poles tell stories ...

6: Music
Music and games were a large part of early California Indians life and still is today.
  1. Listen to a Miwok song about collecting acorns.
  2. Learn about tribal musical instruments...