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Paths to Success–Integrating Technology in the Curriculum

By Sabine Thompson
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"How can I plan a project that is integrated with technology?"

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Activity 1: Deciding on your curriculum topic
1. Decide on the curriculum topic you will be teaching with this project and break down into specific standards.
2. Are your current Instructional Strategies working to teach the curriculum?
3. What kind of learning is supported by technology?
4. Create an ...

Activity 2: How will your students demonstrate understanding?
1. View the mind map of project types, including links to sample projects.
2. Self-assessment and reflection: Fill out the Tech Use Survey and the Individual Learning Plan for Tech Integration.
3. Plan and Timeline: Fill out the Curriculum and Technology Int...

Activity 3: What coaching support do you need?
1. Refer to your Project Plan and decide on your needs:
2. Is there more than one program to be used?
3. Are there any new skills you need to teach the project?
4. Are there any new skills for the students?
5. Do you need step-by-step directions or guides...

Activity 4: Compare the project with standards and goals.
1. Compare your project with the ISTE standards for your grade level. (Link to real-language version.)
If applicable, compare the technology activities with your school's student goals for the grade level.
2. Link to the Technology Proficiency Standards for ...

Activity 5: Find or create resources for project (online or other).
1. Resource List, Worksheet and Checklist
What do students need to do before working online? (KWL, storyboard, etc.) Choose topic, do research if creating a product. Any scans or electronic files to create before compiling?
2. Create web resource list for st...

Activity 6: Assessment and Rubrics
1. Links to assessment and rubric web sites.
2. Rubric examples.
3. Rubric template.
4. Use My eCoach Guide: Sample Assessment Rubrics (available for purchase if you don't have it).

Activity 7: Your plan is ready to develop, teach and share
Ways to share your project with peers include: Publish on My eCoach Online, e-mail to others, share at teacher meeting or faculty meeting, post on school site.

Activity 8: Student Presentation Strategies
1. Ideas for student presentations.
2. Peer assessment during presentations.

Activity 9: Reflect on and edit the project
1. Teacher reflection example.
2. Student reflection example.