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Activity 1: Published Work
The following links are examples of my professional published work.

Activity 2: Communication Arts Annotated Frameworks Activities
In this project I linked activities and sites to each of the Third Grade Communication Arts Benchmarks for our third grade teachers in order to prepare students for our Missouri Assessment Program.

Activity 3: Open-Ended Learning
The Open-Ended Learning activity was created in order to teach my students the difference between three important question types. The rationale being that if students understood the difference between the question types, they would be able to answer questions...

Activity 4: The Fibonacci Number Theory
This WRL was created to introduce patterns and the Fibonacci Sequence to my fourth grade students. My students picked up the number sequence quickly and enjoyed learning about the 13th century mathematician.

Activity 5: The Fibonacci Number Sequence
This activity was created so that students may apply what they have learned about patterns and the Fibonacci Theory. After looking at the web resources, students completed the Fibonacci Practice worksheet and then worked on the Think, Pair, Share activity wit...

Activity 6: A Thousand Words
Students often have difficulty expressing succinctly in words what pictures are portraying. This activity was created to in order to teach students the steps of interpreting pictures.

Activity 7: You're Going to Flip for Newbery Winners!
This activity was created to foster reading and students' knowledge about Newbery Medal Winners. My students enjoyed this activity immensely as they researched Newbery Medal winners and created their flip books.

Activity 8: Presentations
These are presentations that I have presented for various audiences and workshop venues.

Activity 9: Collaborations
These are activities are collaborations with colleagues.

Activity 10: Untitled Activity