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Chocolate Covered Learning

By Sonja Rogers, Susan Hall
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"How has chocolate evolved from the Mayans and Aztecs to a present day treat?"

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Grade Level: 7

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: History/Social Science
Secondary: Science, Reading, Math, English/Language Arts

Chocolate Covered Learning

plants, business, history

2 weeks
Seventh grade students will study chocolate in several content areas related to the topics studied in those content areas. Each content area will tie the topic of chocolate into the curriculum appropriate for this topic. Teachers in the different content areas will be teaching this unit at the same time in order to give the students a broad area of study on one topic. The conclusion of this project will result in students working together to make chocolate bluegill shaped candy that they will sell as part of their business.

Parts of the seventh grade curriculum include the study of the Aztecs and Mayans in Social Studies and the study of plants in Science along with basic business skills in Family and Consumer Education and Math. This unit ties all these content areas together with one topic. This unit also develops teamwork among the students with the roles they must play in creating and maintaining the chocolate business they develop. The use of technology is also utilized by the various activities that are used to teach each aspect of the curriculum.