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Geometry of the SVHS Little Theater

By Ken Bystrom
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"The SVHS Little Theater is the most interesting building on our campus in terms of its geometry. The walls consist of non-rectangular polygons that rarely meet at right angles. How do you find the surface area and volume of this building?"

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Grade Levels: 8, 9, 10

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Math
Secondary: Technology

Surface Area and Volume

collaboration, figure dissection, measurement, problem solving, scale model

August 23 to March 1
The SVHS little theater is an irregular shaped building consisting of many different polygonal shapes. Students are to work in project teams to:
create a scale model of the building, find the surface area and volume of the building and create a multimedia presentation that documents their methods and solutions.

The presentations will be posted by the instructor on a website. Real world experience and the use of multiple intelligences occur in the planning and production of their presentation, measuring the building and creating a scale model.

This project is worthwhile because it provides students the opportunity to collaborate and apply Geometry standards to measure an irregular shaped building on campus. Technology provides a platform to express their solutions and methods in a creative way.