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ePortfolios: Growing Artists

By Stephanie Lewis
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"How am I growing as an artist?"

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Grade Levels: 6, 7, 8

Curriculum Areas:
Focus: Fine Arts
Secondary: English/Language Arts, Technology


Describe, Interpret, Analyze, Establishing criteria for display, Goal Setting & Reflecting, Learning Style, Selection, Writing about art

One semester (92 days)
Students use an online tool to map their artistic development throughout their time at Hyde. This tool will allow students to upload examples of their artwork, describe the work they have created, explain why they made the choices they did, and reflect on whether or not they feel the art was successful. They will also be able to set goals for improving themselves. This ePortfolio will also allow for parents and the teacher to dialogue with the students on their creations and artistic growth.

Why an online tool? First, it is possible for teachers & students to “waste” a lot of valuable class time learning how to use a multi-media tool. I want the students & the course content to be the most important thing in my class, and don’t want to spend extra time teaching other things. I view technology as a tool that should be utilized, but the technology itself should not take the place of the curriculum outcomes. So, I would like to design an online program that allows students to upload their artwork and write reflections. Students would then be able to work on their portfolios anywhere they are connected to the internet. It will also give me more control over the content & layout of their portfolios than if I set them loose on web-software. I also have concerns with software and with time. I know that all of our computers at school have internet abilities, so I don’t need to worry about upgrading hardware & loading software. I have about 180 students at any given time and don’t want to spend a lot of time uploading work to servers, etc. An online tool will allow me the time to do what I should be doing – reflecting with students, assisting with art techniques & writing schools, and helping students refine ideas and knowledge.
Why portfolios? Too often, students view school one assignment at a time. I would like my students to gain perspective of their overall learning in my class as they set goals and reflect on their work. They will be able to see how they have grown throughout the year and perhaps take themselves more seriously as artistic and creative beings. It is also important that students learn about who they are & develop strong character, by looking at themselves from a distance they will have more control over who they are as people & artists, this project will give them that ability.