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My eCoach Online

A networked learning community where educators have everything they need to meet their curriculum integration and professional development goals; a fun and growing online environment where users connect, share, and learn.

Some of the Features:
  • Standards-driven Curriculum Builders:
    Inquiry-based Project, Web Resource List, Activity, Unit of Practice, and Custom Project Builders - use to create online courses, WebQuests, ePortfolios, etc.
  • Management tools to support professional development or university programs
  • Collaboration tools where users can co-author and work together online
  • Communication tools including chat, internal e-mail system, and customizable discussion boards
  • Coaching tools so eCoaches can provide comments and support at anytime from anywhere
  • Brainstorming interactive tool
  • Easy-to-use Standards alignment tool:
    align to national, state, and local content, technology, and professional standards
  • Web publishing ability:
    Teacher and student guide builders
  • eLibrary: searchable database of thousands of copyright-free projects, handouts, templates, photos, clipart, animation, videos, and more
  • Just-in-time technology integration guides
  • Ability to download and upload resources
  • Virtual storage space in user's Locker
  • A community that grows and changes with feedback from the members

For information about building a customized coaching program for your school, district, regional program, etc.call 510.635.8033 or fill out our Contact Form.

Visit our store to purchase an individual membership with a major credit card.

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Learn more about our program and My eCoach® Online
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"Research has borne out the potential for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as an aid to educators in support of each other, and, to improve the teaching and learning environment by modeling the self-organization and self-determination that are hallmarks of independent, lifelong learners. These characteristics help to reinforce the idea that everyone at school is both a teacher and a learner. My eCoach is the best tool of which I am aware that can support these self-organized, peer-learning groups.

Without question, My eCoach is a one-of-a-kind innovation that similar Open Source tools find difficult to approximate generally because there does not exist the same level of customer service. What My eCoach has made unique, no other has come close to creating the kind of safe, scaffolding environment of this system. Although a proprietary system, My eCoach is an "open environment" with the ability to integrate other school and district tools including Open Source tools."

pictureBernice Stafford
Educational Consultant
CILC - Carlsbad, California

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