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My eCoach Online

A networked learning community where educators have everything they need to meet their curriculum integration and professional development goals; a fun and growing online environment where users connect, share, and learn.

Some of the Features:
  • Standards-driven Curriculum Builders:
    Inquiry-based Project, Web Resource List, Activity, Unit of Practice, and Custom Project Builders - use to create online courses, WebQuests, ePortfolios, etc.
  • Management tools to support professional development or university programs
  • Collaboration tools where users can co-author and work together online
  • Communication tools including chat, internal e-mail system, and customizable discussion boards
  • Coaching tools so eCoaches can provide comments and support at anytime from anywhere
  • Brainstorming interactive tool
  • Easy-to-use Standards alignment tool:
    align to national, state, and local content, technology, and professional standards
  • Web publishing ability:
    Teacher and student guide builders
  • eLibrary: searchable database of thousands of copyright-free projects, handouts, templates, photos, clipart, animation, videos, and more
  • Just-in-time technology integration guides
  • Ability to download and upload resources
  • Virtual storage space in user's Locker
  • A community that grows and changes with feedback from the members

For information about building a customized coaching program for your school, district, regional program, 510.635.8033 or fill out our Contact Form.

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