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My eCoach® Online eLibrary Use Policy

The My eCoach® eLibrary is a growing collection of photos, clip art, animations, videos, templates, handouts, illustrations, sound files, and original art. All resources are copyright-friendly resources intended for use by teachers and students in an educational setting. The eLibrary also contains project-based learning activities created by members of the My eCoach® Online community. The original authors, artists, and photographers retain the copyright to their resource and have allowed for their resource to be included in the eLibrary for educational use.

Please use the following citation with any photo, video, sound files, illustrations, clip art, and original art:

"Title. author or artist (last name, first name). year published. Online. Available. My eCoach. date downloaded." and link to

Example: Abraham Lincoln. Ritz, Rosalie. 2003. Online. Available. My eCoach. November, 23, 2003.
All documents and templates must retain the original author. If you alter or modify any document, please refer to original author. The resources in the My eCoach® eLibrary may not be sold individually, as a collection, or partial collection, redistributed, uploaded to a database, or used for commercial purposes. Users may not use any resource in any immoral or pornographic materials.