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Learning Theories
Directory > Teaching and Learning > Learning Theories

7 subcategories 14 Projects 59 Resources

  • Behaviorist (5)
  • Brain-Based (7)
  • Cognitivism/Information Processing (8)
  • Constructivism/Constructionism (27)
  • Differentiated Learning (10)
  • Learning Styles (16)
  • Multiple Intelligences (9)

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    Results 51 thru 59 of 59 total resources.

    51.  Web Site
    Virtual Architecture
    This Web site is designed to support and extend your use of Virtual Architecture: Designing and Directing Curriculum-Based Telecollaboration. The site will c...
    52.  Web Site
    Project-Based Learning Module
    The Project-Based Learning (PBL) module is designed for either a two- to three-hour class or session or a one- to two-day workshop, and is divided into two p...
    53.  Web Site
    2Learn Together: Reading and Research
    Browse summaries of articles or review websites on the subjects of collaboration, assessment, pedagogy, or a post-secondary student researching collaboration...
    54.  Web Site
    Teaching in Mixed-Ability Classrooms
    Article with steps to include differentiated instruction into the classroom with examples and links to other articles and resources by Carol Ann Tomlinson an...
    55.  Web Site
    Technology and Differentiated Instruction
    Website on differentiated instruction with links to articles by Dr. Carol Tomlinson and websites on using technology. (Keywords: multiple intelligences, lear...
    56.  Web Site
    Differentiating Instruction for the Gifted
    This article provides an overview of some key principles for differentiating instruction, with an emphasis on the learning needs of academically advanced lea...
    Grades: 6, 7, 8
    57.  Web Site
    How to Differentiate Instruction
    A tutorial with step-by-step plans on developing strategies for dealing with different learning styles, incorporating inquiry-based learning, cooperative lea...
    58.  Web Site
    Differentiated Instruction: Effective Classrooms
    Differentiated instruction applies an approach to teaching and learning so that students have multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ...
    Grades: University
    59.  Web Site
    Mighty Book
    " A World Where Books Come Alive." This site is designed to help elementary students with reading and proper English. This website enables children to read a...
    Curriculum: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Performing Arts
    Grades: Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3

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