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Learning Theories
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7 subcategories 14 Projects 59 Resources

  • Behaviorist (5)
  • Brain-Based (7)
  • Cognitivism/Information Processing (8)
  • Constructivism/Constructionism (27)
  • Differentiated Learning (10)
  • Learning Styles (16)
  • Multiple Intelligences (9)

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    Results 21 thru 30 of 59 total resources.

    21.  Book
    Schools That Learn
    Author Peter Senge and his Fifth Discipline team have written Schools That Learn because educators have asked for a book that focuses specifically on schools...
    Grades: University
    22.  Web Site
    Using Self-Evaluation with Fourth Graders
    A fourth grade teacher in Massachusetts has her students use self-evaluation forms to assess their own learning. Graphs and summaries are included. Informat...
    23.  Document or Handout
    9 Step Lesson Plan based on Robert Gagne’s Cond...
    The 9 Step lesson Plan is based on shows Robert Gagne's events of instruction. Gagne believed that these events provide the necessary conditions for learning...
    24.  Web Site
    Learn By Doing: A Hands-On Approach to Help Te...
    Many times professional developers are reaching the same 15-30 percent. This article shares ideas to get teachers to use technology. To reach more teachers, ...
    Curriculum: Technology
    25.  Web Site
    Inquiry and the National Science Education Stan...
    A guide for teaching and learning inquiry in the science classroom. First page is the Table of Contents includes images of inquiry in K-12 classrooms, classr...
    Curriculum: Science
    26.  Web Site
    Applying Bloom's Taxonomy
    Each level of Bloom's Taxonomy has specific activities. Select Applying Bloom's to go to a page that provides useful verbs, sample questions, and potential a...
    27.  Web Site
    Enhance Learning with Technology
    Use the Inquiry Process to Identify & Focus On A Topic, Develop Research Questions, Develop A Plan And Schedule, Gather And Organize Data, Analyze And Evalua...
    28.  Web Site
    The Inquiry Page
    Learning begins with the question. This site starts with the definition of inquiry, then follows through the process by providing inquiry units, inquiry in a...
    29.  Web Site
    An Introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning
    A somewhat new approach to educating and inspiring kids. This article explains some of the key principles of inquiry-based learning. For step-by-step informa...
    30.  Web Site
    Inquiry-Based Learning
    Inquiry Based Learning is a practical pedagogy for teachers who want their students to work in projects and to explore their own world. This site answers the...

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