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Coaching Projects

Prior to developing our online coaching environment, most of our coaching was done face-to-face in California. With the development of My eCoach® Online, our Head eCoaches are now able to support clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Learn about some of our current clients and their coaching programs:

(Click here to see some of our past clients' projects we worked with in California)


Missouri: With the support of My eCoach®, the eMINTS (Enhancing Missouri’s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies) National Center created a pilot Coaching program for 2004 -2005 that sustains the current eMINTS 2-year professional development program. Cluster Instructional Specialists (CIS) coach veteran eMINTS teachers using My eCoach® Online’s coaching environment as they receive on-going support in the form of resources, tools, and feedback from My eCoach® staff. Read full press release.

California: The Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Institute led by Lind Ullah at Foothill College's Krause Center for Innovation started using My eCoach® Online in 2004 as a means to support and mentor teachers participating in the EWYL program. Usng My eCoach® Online teachers were able to plan inquiry-based projects using the curriculum builders and communicate with fellow participants using the collaboration and communication tools. Read more about the program in this testimonial.

Washington: Through the Teaching American History Grant, Washington's North Central Educational School District has collaborated with My eCoach® to support its staff development in constructivist teaching pedagogy and inquiry-based learning as well as on-going mentoring and collaboration throughout the year. American History teachers use My eCoach® Online to develop history projects while receiving online and face-to-face coaching.

Texas: Currently in its second year of implementation, Region XV in Texas established their mentoring program reaching teachers in thirty-two districts. Mentors work with teachers to develop standards-based lessons and activities including WebQuests and inqiry-based projects. Read full press release.

California: The Woodson and Carter Charter Schools' coaching program was created to address the needs of their student population particularly their at-risk and independent study students. Eight coaches were chosen from technology, curriculum, and new teacher support and assigned teachers to work with on-site and online. Teachers are working collaboratively either with teachers from their department or interdisciplinary to develop inquiry-based projects and share them in an ePortfolio. Projects, reflections, and student work will be submitted as part of the WASC process.

West Virginia: Doddridge County School's coaching and mentoring proram funded by the EETT and Reading First grants is led by Technology Coordinator Christine Richards. She supports eCoach Marilyn Jett who works on-site and online with elementary teachers around the district. Through coaching and using the project builders and collaboration tools in My eCoach® Online, the teachers are using and adapting Houghton Mifflin textbbook content to create extension activiites that enhance their curriculum.


Sampling of Past Coaching Projects:



Bret Harte Middle School

Around the Ancient World in 180 Days
Tanja Zimmerman, 6th grade teacher at Bret Harte Middle School, developed a year long standards-based web activity that teaches students about the geography of ancient world cultures. Students are asked to prepare for a journey around the world by exploring the terrain, climate and life styles of ancient cultures.
Islamic Trading Game
Kent Fitzsimmons, Peter Mates, Connie Sutton and Jessica Holman-Ahart developed this on-line trading game to help their students learn about Early Islam. Students travel to nine cities from Baghdad to Timbuktu researching information and completing exercises while earning money along the way.
USA Time Travel Game
Bret Harte teacher Connie Sutton and Hillcrest teacher Eileen Massey designed this on-line USA travel game. Students are put in teams and travel to what is now the United States between 1800 and 1850.

African Mask Project
Using the curriculum project developed by Jack Sheehan and Kent Fitzsimmons, 7th grade teacher Leilani Carbonell designed a website so that students can research African Masks and other teachers can replicate the project.



Santa Fe Elementary

Santa Fe Elementary is participating in Festival for Youth, a community service project where students collect oral histories from seniors at the senior center, plant gardens at the center, child care center and in front of the school, and are reading buddies to preschoolers. Digital pictures capture events. The website is growing.


Technology Literacy Challenge Grants

From 1998 to 2001, for the Technology Literacy Challenge Grants (Core Values and Foundations) in Oakland Unified School District in California, we coached 5th through 8th grade teachers to create project-based web activities. We spent a majority of our time in the classroom reviewing curriculum to find the best activity for a project, coaching on technology skills and classroom management strategies, and being a liaison for the teachers and the district. Hope you enjoy your visit!

The teachers wanted to create a place online for student work. We facilitated the development of the Virtual Museum. The design came from the teachers with the help of Linda Swanson. They wanted it to look like a real hallway inviting visitors in.

One teacher we coached, Sharon Thomas at Cole School, found a creative use of one web site. To make it more age appropriate for her 6th grade students, Sharon created a page with student activities that linked to the site and extensions that the students could do off-line such as learn Chinese writing.

Another teacher, Jill Reese of Kaiser, wanted an activity that encouraged collaboration and good discussions among her 5th grade students. She plans to go back in and update this activity to use with this year's students especially the use of the discussion board.

Summer 2001, the district and our team invited 25 teachers to a 2 week institute where they would create a project that they would share with another teacher at their school. They developed a standards-based project and then wrote a proposal how they would collaborate with one of their colleagues. It was a very exciting time for all!



Lorenzo Manor Elementary

Our coaches worked with Lorenzo Manor Elementary in San Lorenzo where we facilitated reviewing the curriculum and developing models that the teachers can use and adapt. We then facilitate curriculum development, aligning the standards, and choosing the appropriate resources for the activities. This is an example of an activity that enhances the Harcourt -Brace 4th grade History textbook.

Unit - Chapter

Teaching Activity

History Standards

LA - Writing Standards



Teachers Edition page: 46E, Activity Book p. 16


1.0, 1.6, 1.9

1, 3, 4


California Geography

Objectives: Students will be able to:
• Summarize information from the text
• Use an electronic graphic organizer

Activity at a Glance: Students will review information in the text about California and review the graphic organizer in the Activity Book. Students can use the template created in Kidspiration and fill in the information.

Extensions: Students can create an organizer using Kidspiration from scratch that defines characteristics of different regions. Use the KWL template and have students answer questions what they know about each of the regions, what they want to learn, and what they learned. Include a library of books: California People and Places, California: From Sea to Shining Sea,

Introducing Activity: Teacher demonstates activity using TV connected to computer. Set up and explain rotation schedule for students to use computers in classroom.

Websites for further research:
Geography: Landforms & Bodies of Water

Images of the California Environment