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My eCoach Coaching Program

Schools face challenges in responding to No Child Left Behind's (NCLB) requirements to use professional development that is based on scientific research and improve student achievement. Based on sound teaching practice, adult learning expertise and research, we have developed a sustainable program that supports our clients in achieving their professional development goals.

The My eCoach Coaching Program consists of the following stages:

Stage 1:
consults with program coordinator, lead mentor, or professional development team to determine needs and goals and to design a relevant and customized coaching program.
Stage 2:
coach the mentors on adult learning strategies, best practices, curriculum and instructional design, and effective coaching strategies.
Stage 3:
provide ongoing support to mentors as they work with their teachers.
Stage 4:
work with mentors and program coordinators to share program outcomes and determine follow-up strategies and next steps to build capactiy and encourage progress.

Our program includes face-to-face and online coaching support. We highly recommend an on-site institute or retreat for your mentors in the beginning. Our online coaching and mentoring environment,
My eCoach® Online
, allows for ongoing coaching and collaboration throughout our Coaching Program.

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