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My eCoach's AB1339 Team

My eCoach Contact Information

7677 Oakport St., Suite, 105
Oakland, CA 94621
FAX 510.562.4570


Technology Learning Center
(TLC Main website)

314 E. 10th Street
Oakland, California 94606

Peter Hutcher, Director

Todd Jacobson, TSA and coach for OUSD 4-5 teachers
Resource Site for 4th-5th Grades by Todd

Description of Project

AB1339 is a California state funded professional development grant for grades 4 through 8. Funding is based on $20 per student. Each classroom has to have one computer for every three students connected to the Internet or one computer connected to the Internet and a hookup to a TV monitor. My eCoach is working with the Oakland Unified School District Technology Learning Center to deliver coaching and workshops to AB1339 4-8 teachers in the district.

Our Coaches and support from the district team meet with each school to determine priorities and facilitate development of project-based learning activities that integrate technology.

Resources for AB 1339 Teachers

Resources for AB1339 Classes

Schools Assigned to My eCoach for Coaching