Montclair High School DHS Coaching Project

School Contacts:
DHS Coordinator: Lori Jepson
Principal: Judy Post

Coaching Project

Montclair High School teachers used several assessment tools where My eCoach worked with DHS leaders to compile data that helped select mentors for each department. Coaching includes on-site and online support for department mentors: Internet research strategies, information literacy skills, classroom management techniques, specific skill training, instructional design, coaching strategies, and finding appropriate resources for projects.

Project was designed to build capacity by coaching the mentors to develop a project-based learning activity using a variety of technology resources and share and support colleagues in their departments. Partnerships and collaborative projects will be encouraged. This was designed to create a community of learners at Montclair High School.

Barbara Bray
Cynthia Chandler



Mentors Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding adult learners
  • Identifying department focus based on student needs
  • Reviewing content standards and curriculum
  • Finding areas of expertise for training
  • Supporting DHS Coordinator on specific skills training sessions
  • Learning coaching strategies
  • Developing a unit that reaches student needs
  • Aligning standards to unit
  • Sharing unit with colleagues in department
  • Supporting colleagues on technology integration issues



Internet Research Strategies for 9-12 Grades
Project Proposal Plan (project-plan.doc)


Project Descriptions

Department Project Description Resources and Coaching Needed


Elaine Mar
Lori Jepson

Career Development Package: students will create an electronic portfolio using Front Page that includes resume, references, and writing samples Front Page Guide
Virtual Enterprise site license
Websites on different careers

Fine Arts

Robin Cronan

Virtual Art Gallery: students will create original art work in the style of an artist of their choice, capture the work, and create a website where visitors can view their work. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash
Websites of different artists
Coaching on Flash, scanning

Foreign Language

Ahunna Nwosu












Inca Trail Tour
Students will take a virtual tour of the Inca Trail and present either:

  1. A subtitled scrapbook of pictures from a virtual trip to Peru and Bolivia on PowerPoint with narration by each group member in Spanish
  2. An itinerary for student tourists to the known historical sites of the Inca
  3. A song or text in Quechua and Spanish
  4. A commercial to entice student visitors to take their tour
  5. A Chart of the hierarchy of the civilization. Each member chooses to represent one and talks about their role in the society in full dress.
Websites on Incas
Review of PowerPoint
Video techniques
Digital Video Camera
Foreign Language standards
Would like MS Office in Spanish

Industrial Technology

Corey Knowlton












CO2 Model Car Project:

  1. Drafting students will research the Internet on designs of cars, use AutoCAD to create working drawings of car and logs stats and data using spreadsheets.
  2. Automotive students will consult with drafting students during drawing process, test model and log data from wind tunnel, then paint and add graphics to the model car.
  3. Woodworking students will research design ideas, consult with drafting students, and create wooden models.
  4. Photography students will document Car Project processes with digital cameras and create advertising campaign
Department Websites
Industrial Arts standards
Inspiration software
ACAD, Microsoft Office, PhotoShop
Wind Tunnel
CO2 Race Track
Digital Cameras, Color Printers, .Scroll Saws, Dremel Tools,.CO2 Car Kits,.Paint, Paper, Sand Paper, Scroll Saw Blades,.Dremel Tool Bits
Coaching on specific skills – Guides for students

Social Studies

Christina Barhorst

Still designing project - meeting with department. Looking at Internet Research, using Primary sources, writing historical essays H/SS standards

Jason Euston

Create a Basketball Team
Students will work in teams to research the Internet to find and compile statistics about different players using Excel, choose 9 players with a specified median stats, and follow their careers to create a linear graph that compares and contrasts statistics. Each team will present their team, and explain their statistics.
Algebra standards
Kevin Fuller
Weather Reports
Students, using Pathways, will research the Internet to find and compile weather and climate data, create charts and graphs, and predict weather from different patterns using satellite pictures.
Science standards


Chris Schremp




Tracking the International Space Station
Students, using Pathways, will research the Internet and satellite images, track the space station using coordinates, and creating a presentation of findings
Science standards


Mary Roberds
Lori Wells

Researching Harlem Renaissance
Students will research the Internet, participate in online discussions about literature and events, create poetry, use a WebQuest, and come up with a formula
Language Arts standards
Discussion Board
Special Education
Donna Becker
Physical Education
Monique Hauducoeur
Work Experience, ROTC, Drivers Ed