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John Swett High School

Teachers at John Swett learned how to create a standards-based project that focused on a curriculum topic. In the process, they used PowerPoint (using a guide and each other) to create a standards-based presentation to in their classroom as a model for their students.


  • focused on a curriculum topic,
  • identified one standard,
  • created an essential question and subsidiary questions
  • collaborated to define keywords and phrases with new search strategies to find appropriate resources.


Todd B. teaches Language Arts and he made this presentation on "What Defines Tragedy?"

Angela A. created a presentation on dance in Spanish cultures for her Foreign Language classes.

Lee F. created an animated presentation to help students understand Trig ratios.

Addy L. put a presentation together on meiosis.


"I liked the step by step process and individual help nearly the entire workshop."
-John J.

"Great! Informative, useful, and well taught!! More presenters like these in the future please!!"
-Beth G.

"I appreciated the demonstration by My eCoach, not assuming we all knew something about the program (PowerPoint) before today."

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