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Coni Rechner, Vice President, Discovery Education Network, Silver Spring, MD
I am excited to work with My eCoach® as we recognize their leadership and innovation in building online communities for educators. Barbara Bray and her team understand the importance of developing tools that allow educators to collaborate and share resources to support classroom instruction. It is inspiring to see the impact they are having on their teacher community.

Linda Ullah, Director, Earn While You Learn Institutes, Foothill College Krause Center for Innovation, CA
One outstanding feature of My eCoach® is that I've been able to review project plans in progress. I really feel that this year I've gotten higher quality projects from my teachers that will better engage students in inquiry based projects that encourage students to use problem-solving and higher order thinking skills. I feel that this year's institute teachers have taken project-based learning with technology to a higher level. The ongoing My eCoach® follow up will assure that the student projects are of the highest quality.

Monica Beglau, Director, eMINTS (Enhancing Missouri’s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies)National Center
The eMINTS National Center’s goal of transforming education for all learners through high quality teaching powered by technology can be achieved through our work with organizations such as My eCoach®. We look forward to working together in improving how teachers learn new ways to help students learn.

Phyllis Bartosiewicz, Teacher, Galesburg-Augusta Middle School, MI
My eCoach® has been an invaluable tool for developing projects with other teachers. It helps us to start with the standards, consider what we want our students to learn, and stay focused throughout the process. When we are finished, we have a complete project plan to use with our students and to share with colleagues. The plan looks professional and contains links to all the needed resources teachers and students need.

Tina Burkhart, Director of Technological Support, Davis USD - Davis, CA
My eCoach® facilitated development of curriculum projects with our 4th through 6th grade mentors. The online system encouraged our teachers from different schools to collaborate. This is an exciting program that we plan to continue this coming year.

Donna Pohl, Coordinator of Technology for Region XV - San Angelo, TX
The My eCoach® Online system allows for a platform for necessary follow-up support in order to maintain and "stretch" the campus cadre in the development of teacher lessons and student products that focus on higher order thinking skills, analysis, synthesis, and evaluative conclusions as prescribed by state academic standards.


Gustavo Rivera, Technology Coordinator, Miami Springs Senior High-Miami Springs, FL
As part of our peer-coaching model in Miami Springs Senior high, we are using My eCoach® Online to develop a series of model standards-based projects that can be shared throughout our district. The ability to collaborate online enables our teachers to exchange ideas and share best practices anytime, anywhere.

Peter Hutcher, Director of Technology, Oakland USD-Oakland, CA
Computer Strategies and its division My eCoach®, has worked with our district for many years. They have been consistenly effective in helping Oakland teachers integrate technology into their curriculum. More than that, they have been flexible, creative, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their work makes a difference for Oakland students and teachers.

Pamela Morgan, Director of Technology, Newark Public Schools-Newark, NJ
My eCoach®provided us more than personalized service. They made sure we received quality products and service. Now our teachers have access to customized materials in a password protected area on our website.

Shannon Pratt, Teacher, Central USD-Fresno, CA
This (My eCoach® Online) is an excellent system to help teachers and mentors share information and work together. I really like how the content standards can be easily aligned to projects.

Marianne Pack, Director, CTAP Region 6, Stanislaus County Office of Education
CTAP 6 has used My eCoach®'s excellent technology integration handouts in our CTAP Regional workshops for the past two years. My eCoach® was willing to customize support documents for our training programs. Based on our needs, the materials created allowed the CTAP staff more time to work on strategies for delivering our curriculum knowing the support materials would be ready for use when needed.

Yasmin Henry, JFK High School-Sacramento, CA
This was a wonderful in-service that helped teacher coaching other teachers on technology and how to incorporate technology into the curriculum adhering to CDE Standards. This in-service was very practical. Thank you!


Ann Black, Director, Special Education Technology Center-Ellensburg, WA
As part of our Technology Literacy Challenge Learning and Disabilities Grant, our teacher across the state of Washington are using the Guides in PDF form. They find them a very useful tutorial and reference after any of our workshops. Thank You! We plan to order more. In fact, can you make one on Web Whacker?

Jill Reese, Kaiser Elementary-Oakland, CA
My eCoach guided us with great patience and positive encouragement. Each coaching session enabled me to learn more about successfully integrating technology into our classroom learning process. I am now able to build my own web site, edit photographs with PhotoShop, take competent digital photographs, copy, paste, search and feel more confident about the computer and technology. Thank you for helping to ignite a curiosity that has become a passion for learning more.

Susan Mahony, PT3 Grant Coordinator & Lecturer, Instructional Technologies Dept., San Francisco State University
I teach a technology integration course for pre-credential candidates at SFSU and I used the E-coach online assessment tool with my students. Not only did they find it easy to use, but loved that the Individual Learning Plan that it generates detailed the areas of training that they need to focus on. As an instructor, it guided the design of my curriculum by allowing me to know very quickly the skills gaps of the group. Lastly, because the Assessment tool is aligned to both ISTE and NCATE technology standards my students were efficiently informed of the technology standards required of them.

Linda L. Evans, Grant Co-Director & Lecturer, Instructional Technologies Dept., San Francisco State University
My ITEC 712 students at SFSU (teacher credential candidates) found the e-Coach online skills assessment easy to use, clear, straighforward and informative. Prior to class, they knew little or nothing about technology requirements for teachers. They expressed appreciation for the individualized learning plans, which gave even the more advanced students appropriate next steps, such as attending computer conferences and initiating schoolwide collaboration in the realm of technology integration. Unlike other commonly used assessment tools in California, the e-Coach system is navigable by beginners with little or no assistance. As an instructor, I use the color-coordinated, grade-level specific "scope and sequence" as a way of explaining technology standards to future teachers and SFSU faculty. Thanks for providing such useful, intelligent tools!

Jan Hartman, Resource Teacher/Technology, Curriculum and Professional Development-San Juan USD, CA
My eCoach Guides, a wonderful addition to our site training, are developed and delivered in a concise, step-by-step format and are perfect accompaniments for our trainings. Teachers are thrilled to have the workshop and walk away with a color guide to refer to when they use the application in the classroom. My eCoach Guides have been a "lifesaver" for on-site training in our district! Thanks so much! We plan to add more to our collection.